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Security Officer Information

No person shall be issued a certificate of registration as a security officer under the provisions of this section if the person has been convicted, as indicated by a criminal history record background check performed pursuant to the provisions of this section, of: a crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree; any offense involving the unlawful use, possession or sale of a controlled dangerous substance as defined in N.J.S.2C:35-2; or any offense where the registration of the individual would be contrary to the public interest, as determined by the Superintendent. Each applicant shall submit to the Superintendent the applicant’s fingerprints and written consent for a criminal history record background check to be performed. The Superintendent shall compare these to fingerprints on file with the State Bureau of Identification in the Division of State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, consistent with applicable State and federal laws, rules and regulations. The applicant shall bear the cost for the criminal history record background check, including all costs of administering and processing the check. *Noteworthy Info: There is NO statute of limitations on fingerprint hits. All applicants will be responsible for providing court documentation of any/all open cases, warrants and final court dispositions.